Thousands of people are using our towels daily for different purposes including cleaning hands and face, sanitising work places or removing nasty messes. Unlike other bulk packs, which take up space and generally dry out, “Refreshing Towels” are individually wrapped, keeping them moisturised and easy to transport.

Our customers include, beauty saloons, hairdressers, spa’s, restaurants, bars, hotels, airlines, takeaway places, designers, print companies and anyone who wants to add value to their service that they offer their customers. With the ability to print up to 4x colours on the wrapper it allows effective advertising to occur to promote you brand or message.

We are company in Australia that manufactures “Refreshing Towels. We pride ourselves on being truly Australian made and owned.


In this day and age health and hygiene has become a major concern. At Refreshing Towels our number one priority is the health and hygiene of our customers, therefore each and every single wet-wipe is manufactured to the highest of quality and safety standards. You can be comfortable in knowing that our team consistently achieves outstanding results in hygiene by manufacturing all our products in Australia and only selects the best quality raw-materials that are of high standards and contain Anti-Bacterial elements to help protect your health.